Cryptacus: Workshop & MC meeting

16 - 18 November 2017
Nijmegen - Netherlands


Thursday, 16 November 2017

    Location: Faculty Club Huize Heyendael, room - Marijnenkamer
    08:45-09:00 "Introduction to COST",
    Karina Marcus
    SESSION: Distance-bounding and RFID security protocols
    09:00-09:20 "An optimal distance bounding protocol based on pre-computation",
    Sjouke Mauw, Jorge Toro-Pozo and Rolando Trujillo-Rasua [slides]
    09:20-09:40 "Performance Evaluation of an Advanced Man-in-the-Middle Attack Against Certain HB Authentication Protocols",
    Miodrag J. Mihaljević, Siniša Tomović and Milica Knežević [slides]
    09:40-10:00 "IoT HoneyBot: a novel approach to detection and handling of IoT-based DDoS attacks",
    Haris Šemić and Sasa Mrdovic [slides]
    10:00-10:20 "On symbolic verification of distance-bounding protocols",
    Sjouke Mauw, Zach Smith, Jorge Toro-Pozo and Rolando Trujillo-Rasua
    10:20-10:40 "Confusion and Diffusion in Recent Ultralightweight RFID Authentication Protocols",
    Paolo D'Arco and Roberto De Prisco [slides]
    10:40-11:10 Morning Break
    11:10-12:10 INVITED TALK
    "Cache attacks: From side channels to fault attacks",
    Clémentine Maurice [slides]
    SESSION: Other lightweight protocols
    12:10-12:30 "Rescuing LoRaWAN 1.0",
    Gildas Avoine and Loic Ferreira [slides]
    12:30-14:00 Lunch
    SESSION: Hardware and software security engineering
    14:00-14:20 "Cryptographic Hardware from Untrusted Components",
    Vasilios Mavroudis, Andrea Cerulli, Petr Svenda, Dan Cvrcek, Dusan Klinec and George Danezis [slides]
    14:20-14:40 "Scalable Key Rank Estimation and Key Enumeration Algorithm for Large Keys",
    Vincent Grosso [slides]
    14:40-15:00 "A Leakage Trace Collection Approach for Arbitrary Cryptographic IP Cores",
    Athanassios Moschos, Apostolos Fournaris and Nicolas Sklavos
    15:00-15:20 "FPGA Performance Optimization for CAESAR Authentication Ciphers",
    Maria Katsaiti, Nicolas Sklavos and Apostolos Fournaris [slides]
    15:20-15:50 Afternoon Break
    15:50-16:50 INVITED TALK
    "Current state of high-precision EM side-channels and implications on FPGA-based cryptography", Johann Heyszl [slides]
    17:00-19:30 MC meeting
    19:30-22:00 Dinner at Restaurant Parkzicht (see Venue)

Friday, 17 November 2017

    Location: Faculty Club Huize Heyendael, room - Beelkamer
    SESSION: Security and privacy of real-world systems
    08:45-09:10 "DECAP-Distributed Extensible Cloud Authentication Protocol",
    Andrea Huszti and Norbert Oláh [slides]
    09:10-09:30 "How private is your mobile health advisor? Free popular m-Health apps under review",
    Achilleas Papageorgiou, Michael Strigkos, Eugenia Politou, Efthimios Alepis, Agusti Solanas and Constantinos Patsaki [slides]
    09:30-09:50 "Privacy-Preserving Process Mining: Towards the new European General Data Protection Regulation",
    Edgar Batista de Frutos and Agusti Solanas Gomez [slides]
    09:50-10:10 "Statistical Disclosure Control meets Recommender Systems: A practical approach",
    Fran Casino and Augusti Solanas [slides]
    10:10-10:40 Morning Break
    SESSION: Tools (followed by discussion)
    10:40-11:00 "Open-source tooling for differential power analysis" ,
    Ilya Kizhvatov [slides]
    11:00-11:20 "Backdoor Detection Tools for the Working Analyst",
    Sam Thomas [slides]
    11:20-11:40 "Avatarē - Enhancing Binary Firmware Security Analysis with Dynamic Multi-Target Orchestration",
    Marius Muench [slides]
    11:40-12:00 Discussion
    12:00-13:30 Lunch
    Location CHANGE: Huygensgebouw, room - HG00.068 (ground floor)
    14:00-15:00 INVITED TALK
    "Towards Low Energy Block Ciphers",
    Francesco Regazzoni [slides]
    15:00- Group discussion (Location: Huygensgebouw, rooms - HG00.217 and HG00.218 (ground floor))

Saturday, 18 November 2017

    Location: Huygensgebouw, room - HG00.068 (ground floor)
    SESSION: Cryptanalysis of primitives
    09:30-09:50 "Distinguishing iterated encryption",
    Eran Lambooij [slides]
    09:50-10:10 "On Security Enhancement of Lightweight Encryption Employing Error Correction Coding and Simulators of Channels with Synchronization Errors",
    Miodrag J. Mihajević [slides]
    10:10-10:30 "An Improved Cryptanalsis of Lightweight Stream Cipher Grain-v1",
    Miodrag J. Mihaljević, Nishant Sinha, Sugata Gangopadhyay, Subhamoy Maitra, Goutam Paul and Kanta Matsuura [slides]
    10:30-11:00 Morning Break
    11:00-12:00 INVITED TALK
    "State of the Art in Lightweight Symmetric Cryptography",
    Léo Perrin [slides]
    SESSION: Cryptanalysis of protocols
    12:00-12:20 "Loophole: Timing Attacks on SharedEvent Loops in Chrome",
    Pepe Vila and Boris Köpf [slides]
    12:20-12:40 "How (not) to use TLS between 3 parties",
    K. Bhargavan, I. Boureanu, P. A. Fouque, C. Onete and B. Richard [slides]
    12:40-13:00 "Quam Bene Non Quantum: Analysing the Randomness of a Quantum Random Number Generator and the Costs of Postprocessing",
    Darren Hurley-Smith and Julio Hernandez-Castro [slides]
    13:00-13:10 Closing remarks

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